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Deposits, Returns, or Exchanges

Refunds will not be issued once work begins or materials are purchased. Revisions will be implemented if not fulfilled, and both parties may incur additional service charges for further development or design.

Clear Communication

After a 30-day period of client non-responsiveness, Dr. Garage Door reserves the right to scrap and delete the project, forfeiting all deposits. After the initial 7-day period or failure to submit essential information, project freezing may occur until all funds are paid.


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Dr. Garage Door embraces innovative technologies to enhance user experience and provide valuable information to our audience. As part of this commitment, we utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to generate content on our website. It’s important for users to be aware of the following disclaimer regarding the nature of AI-generated content:

Content Accuracy and Completeness: While our AI strives to generate accurate and comprehensive content, it may not always reflect the latest industry developments, regulations, or specific project considerations. Users are encouraged to cross-reference information provided here with professional advice and current industry standards.

Understanding Limitations: AI-generated content is based on patterns and information available up to its training data cutoff. It does not possess real-time awareness or the ability to interpret nuanced situations. Users should exercise critical judgment and consult professionals for project-specific advice.

Not a Substitute for Professional Advice: The content generated by AI is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional advice, and users should not solely rely on AI-generated content when making critical decisions related to construction projects, regulations, or any other domain-specific matters.

Subject to Change: Information provided by the AI may be subject to change as the technology evolves and new data becomes available. Dr. Garage Door reserves the right to update, modify, or remove content generated by AI to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Varied Interpretations: AI-generated content may produce varied interpretations based on the input and context. Users are encouraged to interpret the information in the context of their specific needs and seek clarification if necessary.

No Warranties or Guarantees: Dr. Garage Door makes no warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of AI-generated content. Users use this information at their own discretion and risk.

Feedback and Corrections: We welcome user feedback to identify and correct any inaccuracies in AI-generated content. If you believe there is an error, please contact us so that we can review and address it promptly.

By using and accessing AI-generated content, users acknowledge and accept the terms of this disclaimer. Dr. Garage Door encourages users to combine AI-generated information with professional insights and judgment to make informed decisions for their specific projects and needs.

Revisions and Changes

Additional revisions are limited in their scope on project agreement. Any changes will incur additional costs. If projects will be billed on an hourly rate per man infield, we recommend gathering all changes before materials are purchased or labor begins to avoid additional billing.

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